Ability to block specific MAC addresses

It would be great to be able to block MAC addresses directly from the web interface.

You could block out specific devices out of your network much faster / easier that way.

Good idea - You feature request is a subset of this feature request: DHCP Web Settings
It would be beneficial to close this one and add your support to the more encompassing request.


The Web interface does not contain a DHCP option to deny a host on the internal network.

My goal is to force a host (orange box) to use DHCP from my Orange router (ISP) because it blocks the use of the TV if it goes through another DHCP (pi-hole) which happens sometimes when renewing DHCP bay.

Thank you.

For now you can make a custom dnsmasq config in /etc/dnsmasq.d/ to do this.

I find this, if I add it in the file /etc/dnsmasq.d/02-pihole-dhcp.conf it will it pose a problem in the operation of pi-hole?


class "black-hole" {
match substring (hardware, 1, 6);
# deny booting;
ignore booting;
subclass "black-hole" 00:12:ba:1d:c1:b7;


Otherwise how to proceed?

Thank you

Put it in a new file, as Pi-hole files could be overwritten at any point.

Where did you find that config? It does not look like a dnsmasq config.

I found this config here "networking - How to ignore a set of Mac addresses in dhcpd.conf? - Server Fault".

How can I proceed?

Thank you.

That is not a dnsmasq config. That is for /etc/dhcpcd.conf