Dark Admin Dashboard


Very sorry for the late reply, i don’t check this forum as much as github.

I’ve noted before that the image isn’t changed by this theme as that would include adding a new image. (at one point I had a background image included that consisted of a black background that I threw some white on in MS paint)

If you wish to change the image to something you’d like more, replace the file located at: /var/www/html/admin/img/boxed-bg.jpg
I suggest finding a tiled/pattern image from one of the many website background sites.

Alternatively don’t use the “boxed” appearance. From the pihole admin view, go to Settings -> API/Web Interface -> Interface appearance and uncheck the “use boxed layout” option.



Very cool admin theme. Love it! :heart_eyes:

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is it safe for the newest pihole?



Seems to work decently still… A little broken, working on it now.
I’ve just noticed they’ve put the AdminLTE styles inline, why? I have no idea at all. This makes it a lot harder to maintain something like this if I choose to follow their lead. Oddly they still include the old AdminLTE.min.css so it may work for now with some ugly css !important tags.

Please let me know if you have any issues.



Updated, it’s pretty ugly, both the code and the style. But it “works”. I’m hoping the pihole team undoes the inline styles soon.



After the update it looks very bad. The eyes hurt :slight_smile: