Dark Admin Dashboard


yes when i installed on my Pi with your theme it slowed down the web interface for me although as you said with the FTL not having been done that all makes sense i reverted and i do eagerly await this as well as thank you for what you have done so far


No problem. I benefit from this too. Yes this is only for the current version, no FTL changes have been made yet. Suppose I should have made that clear.


As happy as I was to see the release of FTL, I was actually quite sad to see the interface without the dark theme.


Pull Requests with the new code would help a ton.


How do we remove this? I think it’s causing problems updating to the latest web interface


Did NOT work at all, actually. Any suggestions?

sudo rm --rf /var/www/html/admin
sudo git clone https://github.com/pi-hole/AdminLTE.git /var/www/html/admin

pihole -r


Actually a straight pihole -r seemed to do the trick, so there’s that.


Hey all!

Sorry I’ve not been active, but I’m lazy, as the rest of this message will expand on:

I’ve made some ‘patches’ to the current ‘adminLTE.min.css’ for comparability with FTL.

I’ve nicknamed it Faster Than Dark, because puns are the best type of humour.

The new patch removes all JS code and the background, if this is something you feel like customizing, it’s very simple and the ‘OLD’ branch will expand on how to do this.

The changes are basically a new pull of the current AdminLTE.min.css with some colour splatted over it… It is far from perfect and all criticism, helpful or not is encouraged.

It’s now in the main branch: https://github.com/lkd70/PiHole-Dark


Hi, I’m trying to uninstall this skin but I’m getting this error message:

fatal: unable to create ’ /var/www/html/admin/ .git/index.lock’: Permission denied


Hello, Smiley!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, could you please share with us what you’re trying to run in order to revert to a pre-themed state? Thanks.

Also, would you mind me asking why you’re reverting? Something missing from the theme, or something you dislike? I may be doing a complete rewrite of this soon, so it may come in handy. Thanks in advance!


Hi LKD70,
I truly have no issues with your theme. I’ll hold on for your updates.


Hey u/LKD70, I ran the installer and my pi-hole is still showing in classic mode. Am I missing something?



After I installed this with the install[.]sh script the versions down at the bottom of the PiHole web interface all show “N/A”…I’m on the latest versions of PiHole…I followed the uninstall instructions and it reset to the default “theme”/CSS but all of the versions still show as “N/A”…anyone know what is going on here?

Bottom right of the PiHole page:

“Pi-hole Version N/A Web Interface Version N/A FTL Version N/A”


Hey, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache, etc?

You may be able to do this using the key combination:

Let me know how you get on. :blush:


I’ll have to review the changes and post possible updates shortly. Until then, you could try updating the pihole version, this should remove and reinstall any changes

I think the command is pihole -up


I definitely noticed a difference immediately as well. My page would crash a lot / timeout and now rarely does so. Keep up the great work team.


Hey, thank your for this great theme!

I have two things though (I am not quite sure if they work as intended):

  1. the still light grey background

  2. the white lines (for example around the pi-chart

Would love to hear back from you!


Installer Does NOT work on latest releases:

sudo ./install.sh
Create a backup of the current files? (Y/n): Y
cp: cannot stat ‘admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.min.css’: No such file or directory
Backup completed!
Install LKD70’s Dark Theme now? (Y/n): Y
fatal: destination path ‘temp’ already exists and is not an empty directory.
cp: cannot create regular file ‘admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.min.css’: No such file or directory
cp: cannot create regular file ‘admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.css’: No such file or directory
All done!


Nevermind, i was starting from admin, not html…sorry