Dark Admin Dashboard

Installer Does NOT work on latest releases:

sudo ./install.sh
Create a backup of the current files? (Y/n): Y
cp: cannot stat 'admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.min.css': No such file or directory
Backup completed!
Install LKD70's Dark Theme now? (Y/n): Y
fatal: destination path 'temp' already exists and is not an empty directory.
cp: cannot create regular file 'admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.min.css': No such file or directory
cp: cannot create regular file 'admin/style/vendor/AdminLTE.css': No such file or directory
All done!

Nevermind, i was starting from admin, not html....sorry

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Very sorry for the late reply, i don't check this forum as much as github.

I've noted before that the image isn't changed by this theme as that would include adding a new image. (at one point I had a background image included that consisted of a black background that I threw some white on in MS paint)

If you wish to change the image to something you'd like more, replace the file located at: /var/www/html/admin/img/boxed-bg.jpg
I suggest finding a tiled/pattern image from one of the many website background sites.

Alternatively don't use the "boxed" appearance. From the pihole admin view, go to Settings -> API/Web Interface -> Interface appearance and uncheck the "use boxed layout" option.

Very cool admin theme. Love it! :heart_eyes:

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is it safe for the newest pihole?

Seems to work decently still.. A little broken, working on it now.
I've just noticed they've put the AdminLTE styles inline, why? I have no idea at all. This makes it a lot harder to maintain something like this if I choose to follow their lead. Oddly they still include the old AdminLTE.min.css so it may work for now with some ugly css !important tags.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Updated, it's pretty ugly, both the code and the style. But it "works". I'm hoping the pihole team undoes the inline styles soon.

After the update it looks very bad. The eyes hurt :slight_smile:

Still works like a charm exept the new network page needs some love :wink:

Also I noticed that the table layout differs between the Blacklist page or the Querie Log page. The table design from the Blacklist table looks clean and is easy on the eyes. I would prefer that one over the bold and bright one from the Queyry Log. Just saying.

Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for this awesome theme; wich should be included in pihole soon!

Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Sadly, I come not baring an update, but bad news in regards to what you've mentioned.

I'll start off with the big baddie: The Network tab. This is a great addition to pi-hole, but it brings with it some nasty surprises, one of which being that the table colors are not dictated via classes, but rather inline styles, meaning it's very hard to re-theme whilst sticking to the "background color scale" thing that they have implemented.

For now I'll keep it how it is for that, perhaps later I'll look at adding moderation to additional files in order to fix that.

The second 'badie' issue is a little more simple. In regards to the style of the query log, I dislike it too - with a passion. But it's styled this way specifically to keep the colors as they were intended by the pi-hole team. That being said, I'll play with some changes and see if I can get an update out for that soon.

Thank you very much for your feedback, and I'm very sorry it took me this long to get back to you. Expect an update shortly.

Updated now, it's not pretty - But it'll do until I do a rewrite to take in to account other files... yay...
(Or if pi-hole actually uses classes for styling as opposed to inline style tags - pretty please)

Feature Request so we see it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Hadn't thought of that yet (I'm slow...)

Created a feature request now: Use CSS classes in place of inline style tags on the admin dashboard

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Love the theme, one thing to mention is when looking at the logs all are static white.
is there a way to add some colour to this green Permitted and Red blocked domains ?

I know small but would take it to another level as being able to see at a glance make it easy


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Hey! Firstly, thank you for the feedback. It helps more than people realize.

To the issue regarding colour grading on certain elements (logs, etc...) the issue here stems from the use of hard-coded style tags instead of css classes in the pihole web interface software. I've created a feature request in regards to this, but it seems I may need to also submit a pull request with the changes I'd like to see.

Until I have time to do that (or someone does it for me), it'll have to stay as bland and blank as it is for now, sorry!

If there's anything else, do please let me know. I've not given this theme much love in the past months, perhaps when i get some time soon I'll do some rewrites.

the Devs are primarily focusing now on the API and new web interface located hereI would suggest that our existing webui will be made EOL when the new web is released

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Great job,thank you

how to do it on LibreELEC, CoreELEC, Docker?

Danke hierfür.
Aber: Im originalen Theme konnte man zwischen geblockte Seiten (ROT) und OK-Seiten (GRÜN) unterscheiden. Im Black Theme leider nicht mehr...
Aber ich will beides: Meine Augen behalten und Rot Grüne Schrift!
Wie geht das?

Thanks for that.
But: In the original theme you could differentiate between blocked pages (RED) and OK pages (GREEN). No longer in Black Theme ...
But I want both: keep my eyes and red green writing!
How does it work?

Check out

@LKD70 Not sure if you've seen this already. We'd happily either incorporate your theme or your contribution to the existing dark theme I have "invented" over the past few nights.

No need to rush anything, this is scheduled for v5.1 and I won't be much available over the next ten days.


Well, I've certainly not rushed anything, 3 years later I finally revisited this thread to see that I have a reply. This is what happens when you disable email notifications :facepalm:

Hope all worked out well regardless.