Configuration UI for DHCP server to send out a second pi-hole's IP address for an alternate DNS server

I'd like to see is a new configuration option in the Web UI for the DHCP server. This option would allow you to specify one or more additional IP addresses of other pi-holes for alternate DNS servers. The pi-hole would always include it's own address in the list, but if you set up a second pi-hole, the one that is the DHCP server could send out the IP address for both pi-holes.

This has had some previous discussion, e.g. Secondary DNS Server for DHCP & Can the Pi-Hole DHCP send out a second DNS server address to clients?

I think of this as a small first step towards High availability (HA) for Pi-hole (running two Pi-hole's)

There is already a PR for this, but it is currently on hold.

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Thanks! That looks related to what I'm asking for here, but not quite the same thing. I'm asking for a UI change, that PR is only modifying a configuration file.

If you read the whole thread there were first steps to implement this in the GUI as well (there is even a screenshot).

Oh, I see. Thank you, and apologies for the hasty reply.

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