Child-Block with a Global Blacklist aka "Block everything then build up from there"

@ DanSchaper I'd like to say that there's at least one very good reason to block everything - as above, it would be a great feature for any parent of children.

I'm trying to set up my six-year old's first computer and rather than find, install & learn a new bit of software (is there even a netnanny for linux, squid is way too much for me to figure) I'd prefer to use the tool I already know & love. Haven't quite got there yet, having a few hic-cups, but fingers crossed.

Other use-cases might include Kiosk-mode type settings or even some of those self-monitoring type settings (only allow the work connection between 9-5). IMHO it'd be really helpful if there was some built-in way to do it a bit more easily - who knows a net-nanny feature might actually be popular or even a feature that draws new users to piHole.

@ DanSchaper you seem to be a developer for piHole - would this be a hard feature to add?

Few useful links for anyone who follows in future:

Just follow the advice from those links:
To block everything, add a block for . as RegEx.

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