Block EVERYTHING, then build from there

I did read

As a new Pi-Hole user, I did quite some research to come up with (find) this posted solution. I would request this feature on the Domain Manegement page (seems the logical place) where right below after the main title you can have a "Create Whole-World-Block" checkbox, and it's corresponding "create" button.

Many times I have already come with the conclusion that it's actually simpler to start in this manner, If everything and anything is blocked to begin with, to a certain Client X, then I can begin opening the specific domains (websites) this computer will see. And nothing else.

It might even be good enough to add some text that says "Use a simple * to block everything", as described in the post I mention above.

Have you tried doing what you're asking?

Block everything and then try to do anything. You'll be spending hours and days whitelisting sites that are needed.

I can't ever see a situation where we'd actively encourage this configuration. The amount of work you'll be causing yourself is immense.


To further Dan's comment, run this command and see all the domains requested and not blocked for the number of days in your long term database:

sqlite3 /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.db "select domain from queries where status in (2,3) group by domain order by domain"

In my case (for a Pi-hole serving everything in the house except my devices; about 24 clients, going back 180 days), that produces 12,108 lines of output. That's a lot of domains to whitelist.

Believe it or not, there are very good reasons to do this.
I totally understand what you say, but that would not be a problem.

I think that it actually is a very good function to have.
Pi-Hole, by definition is a blocker. It's only logical to expect it to do an abosolute block for whatever reason.

Now I should mention that such a block is not done on a permanent basis (for the valid reasons you mention.) I would use it for troubleshooting.

Please reconsider adding the feature.

The feature already exists. Enter this regex as a blacklist entry. Toggle it on/off as desired. When it's on, the entire internet is blocked, except for those items you have whitelisted.