Change group table name in schema to be non-keyword

The current schema uses the table name 'group' within group management. This is apparently a SQLite keyword and should not be used for table names.

I ran into this as attempts to export that table fail with a syntax error. I've triple checked my syntax and everything is 100% so it must be the keyword issue preventing the command to run

sqlite3 $gravity_db -header -csv "SELECT * FROM group" > group.csv
Error: near "group": syntax error

All other table names work perfectly with the same syntax.

This will prevent projects such as pihole_cloudsync from including groups in the export/import.

Enclosing the table name in single quotes in your command line, like 'group', will allow that table name to be used.

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Ah the joy of learning new code - sql makes my head explode.

Many thanks