Can't add to blocking list

I have probably similar error while try to add domain by click on Blacklist button on Query Log


What device is behind this address ?
That is indeed not a valid DNS name that's being queried.
While you can query for non valid domain names, Pi-hole seems to have some kind of sanity check that prevents adding them:

Quick DuckDuck:

  • A domain name consists of minimum two and maximum 63 characters.
  • All letters from a to z, all numbers from 0 to 9 and a hyphen (-) are possible.
  • A domain name mustn't consist of a hyphen (-) on the third and fourth position at the same time.

it's iPhone only :roll_eyes:

Post a debug token for the devs/mods to inspect?

pihole -d

My guess would be that you manually ran a mis-spelled nslookup for that URL.

No need to block that, it's not a domain name.

I suspect wrong implementation from one of the Google related apps on that iPhone.
I believe that domain belongs to Google (or is related).

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That would also explain it.

Related, @WaLLy3K noticed the same domain. Turns out to be related to the firebase SDK, I think.

pi@ph5:~ $ host has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:400e:807::200e

pi@ph5:~ $ whois
NetName:        GOOGLE

EDIT: sounds like a bug :wink:

Excellent find.
Not using Twitter, I'd never would've caught that one.

Any cure available yet?

Still exist. I'll try to find an app makes this but don't know how yet :smirk:

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