Can pihole 5.0 Group Management deal with seperate dnsmasq conf?

I understand Pihole 5.0 has a new Group Management feature to apply different ADlists for different clients. This is great. So that I intent to achieve both parent control and normal adblock on one pihole box.
Per Use DNS to force youtube into restricted mode - and Pi-Hole, I use a seperate pihole with customised dnsmasq configuration to force kids device to access safe youtube and safe google and together adult content adlist blocking. If I migrate this kid pihole to primary pihole that family is using, can this customised dnsmasq configuration be also moved together with client ip awareness? I am not quite familiar whether dnsmasq can support configuration only applied to certain client ip request. Please help. Thanks.

I don't believe so, but have not tested it. The dnsmasq configuration files should be applied to all queries and I believe these are independent of the Pi-hole groups because they are done at the dnsmasq level.

Thanks @jfb
Is this feature (safe search and safe video) can be considered as future roadmap?

You can check the feature requests. If one does not exist, you can create one.

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Thanks. I've voted Use DNS to force youtube into restricted mode - and Pi-Hole in Feature Request.