Use DNS to force youtube into restricted mode - and Pi-Hole



Please describe the feature you wish to implement and why it would be beneficial to the Pi-Hole community (not just the link to the referenced thread).


ok perfecto pense que estaba descripta en el link… dado que tiene varios días de discusion sorry / ok perfect I thought it was written on the link … since it has several days of discussion sorry


This implementation by Jayke Peters Peters would be a good addition to Pi-hole to provide/enforce safe search functions in different search engines.

This can be implemented inside the used config/data dirctories of Pihole/dnsmasq and does not touch /etc/hosts file.

Link to the script by Jayke is:

Long running thread about this:

Jayke mentioned that he wanted to put it a Python script.

Request also, to contact Jayke if he willing that this option is taken over by Pi-hole development and implemented in Pi-hole.