Browser gets a 403 Forbidden on accessing pihole admin/ linked on lighttpd index.html file

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Expected Behaviour:

Running latest lighttpd on latest ubuntu on oracle vbox. web browser[ffox/chrome/brave] to IP/admin should open piADDress/admin/

Actual Behaviour:

403 Forbidden

Debug Token:

Don't see a debug token, but running pihole -d all looks good. [I have the debug log] Lighttpd works for everything else, no errors in lighttpd error.log. Have set r and x permission on every conceivable directory/file in the path. There are many iframes in main index page that work FWIW. I am calling admin from a link in a main index page for the pihole admin page. pihole was installed after lighttpd. Am at wits end! Thanks for any suggestions.

This topic might be helpful: 403 on Pi Hole IP but admin pages work nicely.

Thank you. Still very confused tho. Using or [on the pi] still returns 403, so this has nothing to do with DNS. I added the redirect.conf to conf-enabled [don't understand that syntax...], restarted lighttpd. But still the 403. Where is lighttpd processing this? I have to dig in there someplace....

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