Blocklist stats

A possibility to see the blocking rate per list and not the total blocklist would be a nice feature.

I’m thinking about list I have which are only for malware or fraud blocking etc. would be nice to see if we get a blocking from that list and can start looking into this system as an additional layer for security

If you want to see how many queries are blocked per list, how should it handle when multiple lists have the same domain?

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Doesn’t it filter out already the same domain?

just add it to one of the lists, from where it takes the domain (if I have to guess it takes it from the list where it’s mentioned first) or add it to both lists

It removes duplicate domains, but that means it can’t attribute it to any one blocklist. This would have to be noted when you view the stats.

You still can see which block lists did contain that domain.

Tools - Query adlists

You get one or multiple hits and you have to look for yourself if the lists are effective.

Yes, true. We’re working on some fundamental changes right now though, so new feature development is limited and unfortunately this feature might not come until the new web interface.

I wrote a script that gives you some stats about how often your adlists have been used. It might be useful for you too.