Blocking Youtube on specific clients


I have a linksys router setup for DHCP. I have setup Pi-Hole and it is running. DNS IP of PI is setup in the linksys router. Main purpose of this is to block youtube on certain devices. I had added youtube as blacklist and it is working, every device on my network cant access youtube.

I would like to block it at certain client devices. What is the best way to do this ?
Currently the pi-hole web gui only shows 2 clients. local host and my router.

I have tried to setup Conditional forwarding, and it didn't make a difference. (Maybe i set it up wrong) is what i used. I am using a home network. is router, I have it limited to 60 IP's in the router but I can increase that if needed.

Ideally if i could create a group, and then attach clients to that group and have those clients use the blacklist. All from the pi-hole web gui that would be fine. if my other option is to just static assign the IP and dns (PI) on each device i can do that as well.

Pi-Hole v5.6
FTL v5.11
Web Interface v5.8

Thank You

For group management to work, Pi-hole needs to identify the requesting client, so that client can be governed by the correct group.

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