Blocking Microsofts Telemtry

Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to import a list of Microsoft’s telemetry addresses to block. I ask this as a number of sites have got firewall rules.

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Of course it is - Pi-hole is in no way restricted to using just the default blocking lists that ship with it. :slight_smile:

Two things are important to notice here:

  1. Pi-hole is just providing the means to filter DNS traffic.
    You could consider it a filtering DNS engine.
  2. Pi-hole’s developers themselves do not maintain any blocking lists, not even the default ones.
    You are free to fuel your engine with any blocklists you can find (provided it matches the host format). You may even roll your own.

When looking for specialised blocklists, go for quality and content, i.e. try to assess whether a blocklist is decently maintained, and resist the impulse to just blindly grab any blocklist available for your home network. After all, it’s of little use having a domain on your block list that you never visit.

Steven Black’s hosts files do a good job in grouping blocking lists by topics and are also well maintained, and WaLLy3k’s Blocklist collection is a good starting point as well.

I believe the latter one also has blocklists that focus on telemetry (by all kinds of s/w, not just Windows), which may be just what you are looking for.

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Hi Bucking

Thanks for the information about the blocklists that I can take a look at. It is not my intention to blindly block things and get lists from wherever possible. I would be looking to implement my own form of blocklist that I have observed using wireshark.

What I was trying to acertain is there a default format. For instance a CSV that I could use to make own.

This may not have been overly clear from my previous answer:
Yes, files have to comply to HOSTS format, i.e. each line must either match <> <> or just <>.
In either case, Pi-hole will use solely the domain name for filtering.

Have a look at this post for additional hints on rolling your own blocklist:

Hi Bucking

Thanks for the reply. It is really appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: