Blocking Alexa (Amazon voice assistant)

Is there a list (or simply URL) to altogether block Amazon Alexa (voice assistant)?


I'm not sure if anyone on the team has an Echo to test this, but we do have a guide which should help:

Also, if you discover what domains need to be blocked, please add them to this:

Thank you! Your hints helped. It was actually easy to figure out.

If anyone's looking for the solution, here's the URL you need to block (if you are in Europe, it seems):

With that one on the blacklist, there's no connection for Alexa to the server.

What is the domain? I think you forgot to fill it in.

It got removed - now inserted it and you should be able to see it.

Thanks. I added it to the list of commonly blacklisted domains.

FYI, I haven't seen anyone mention this since, but I was able to ping the URL "", and that likely blocks Alexa while in North America, whereas the previous -eu domain only blocks Alexa while in the European Union. Not sure if anyone can confirm.

I can confirm this. There are distinct URLs for Alexa depending on the user's geography. The link I posted above was EU only, yours applies to North America.

Thanks for the update.

i added the url and alex still works on my echo in germany. you have any idea?