Best blacklists

any good blacklists? these are the blacklists I have:

The six blocklists that ship with Pi-Hole will block the majority of ads. I recommend that you run these and then add blacklist or regex entries locally as required, based on your browsing habit and local clients.

The best blacklists are the lists you control, the lists on your computer.

The problem with gathering internet blocklists is that they frequently block desired content, then you get into the investigation and whitelisting business.


I am fully supporting @jfb’s stance on blocklists.

There is no race for the biggest amount of blocked domains or for maximum blocking rate (100% would mean you can’t access anything anymore, anyways).

If you search for useful expansions of your lists, go for quality and content, not for sheer volume.

Focus your attention on the sites you visit regularly - if they still show ads, go tune your blacklists until satisfied. After all, it’s of little use having a domain on your block list that you never visit.
Steven Black’s hosts files do a good job in grouping blocking lists by topics and are also well maintained, and WaLLy3k’s Blocklist collection is a good starting point as well.


You might want to take a look at this website. It has a download link (right side of the page), that link will let you download a zip file, unusable to pihole in that format.

What I do with it:
make a script to download (wget) & md5 checksum the download, extract the download somewhere locally on the pi. Use WinSCP or something like that to look at it’s content (folder BL). The blocked domains are all split up into categories, so if you, for example, want to block all porn, select the appropriate list (file is usually just called domains).
You can than add it to the pihole lists, by using the syntax:


yes it’s 3 forward slashes (/), not a typo.

of course, you’ll need to create your own cron job to download and extract the updated zip (source) file weekly, preferably before pihole’s update is scheduled.

The folder structure makes it easy to select certain categories you want to block, while not blocking everything else, as other large blocklists, already in pihole format often do.

I just made my own blocklist actually. click here for the link.

I am not sure that’s a good idea, and also I am not sure about your intentions. :thinking:

In your list, you are mixing different formats, and you should verify that you properly separate comments from blocked entries, as the following names do not seem to be hostnames to be blocked:

# acknowledgements:

Also note that by default, Pi-hole looks for blocklist updates once a week.

In making that link publically available here, are you providing this as a service to the public, i.e. are you willing to maintain and update that list regularly? If so, could you elaborate on the focus of your blacklist? How often would you plan to update your list?

Or is that list of yours just put together from sources as acknowledged above, so that it would be a better choice to add those lists separately to Pi-hole in order benefit from regular blocklist updates?

Thanks for telling me about that. I have just fixed the problem. You can now head back to the website. By the way I was going to update my list once a week. (Twice if I had the time)

Oh, and also, My list actually is just a list put together from the acknowledgements. But the updates will just be me finding more bad websites to block.

Would you mind sharing your script and cron, for downloading, extracting and md5 verifying etc and cron for when it does it please?

as I'm just starting out with pihole and would be extremely helpful, Thankyou

A part of my script to download the shallalist:

wget${file}.tar.gz -O ${workdir}/${file}.tar.gz
wget${file}.tar.gz.md5 -O ${workdir}/${file}.tar.gz.md5
if [[ -s ${workdir}/${file}.tar.gz ]]; then
   # file NOT empty
   cd ${workdir}
   md5sum --check ${workdir}/${file}.tar.gz.md5 | grep "shallalist.tar.gz: OK" &> /dev/null
   if [ $? == 0 ]; then
      tar xzf ${workdir}/${file}.tar.gz -C ${workdir}
         echo from: root
         echo to: pi
         echo subject: shallalist download.
         echo "MD5 checksum failure!"
      } | sudo sendmail -d -t pi

The script sends a mail if the md5 checksum is incorrect. Sending a mail is explained in my pihole manual, chapter 4 / section 9.

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absolute star!! THANKYOU :slight_smile:

Does it matter where you put the download script on the pi?

Do you have cron script too?

new to the whole pi and pihole thing so more help, the better

I haven't went through the manual it's quality though....still waiting for my mechatronics art case, so i can finally have the hardware setup rpi4-8g, looking to do pivpn, vnc server, nextcloud and pi-hole should be able to handle that with cpu -2.147GHz gpu -750MHz OC