Aggregated site for multiple piholes

For users running multiple Pi-holes on their network, it would be nice if there was an exposed API (perhaps password protected) that would allow access to statistics, querying the log, whitelisting, etc. I am unsure how easy this would be to incorporate into the current site (presumably would still need an api of sorts), but an API would allow third party design of a web interface to aggregate this information and send commands back to each pihole (ie whitelisting a site would whitelist it everywhere).

Currently, I think that most people just run cron jobs in order to sync lists and update gravity, but this by design has some delay. It also requires checking each pihole to see which one blocked a request when something gets blocked and doesn't present the blockpage.

Thanks in advance for reading.

Is your request the same as this existing feature request?

Actually, it does look like the same concept. I had seen the subject, but high availability isn’t really the same concept. The body covers the same idea.

Thanks, sorry for the duplication.

Can be closed.