Advertising Pi-hole multiple times through DHCP

I vaguely remember we were talking about an option or even making this the new default for the Pi-hole DHCP server. Do you remember where this discussion happened/what its outcome was? If there was no showstopper I'd be in favor of adding this in Pi-hole v6 as the new default to improve the compatibility with mentioned brands.

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I cant finish up for the IPv6 RA / DHCPv6 bit.
My ISP didnt support IPv6 up until about half a year ago.
But I dont have it applied within my own network yet.
And I dont want it bc I like simple not having to do everything twice.
And dont want to tinker with my live setup too much bc I'm not the only user :wink:
So to finish the IPv6 part, I would have to create some kind of sandbox for which I dont have the resources.

Plus with v6 approaching, I havent looked into how to apply it over there.

Implemented for Pi-hole v6.0 in

A comment about IPv6:

I extended your initial idea to IPv6. It has been implemented such that we will advertise up to six servers. On any machines with IPv6 support enabled, we will advertise the LL addresses twice, when upstream connectivity to the Internet is available, we'll also add the GUA address twice. When the system is properly configured (I consider ULAs as necessary part of a properly configured IPv6 network here), we will even add two ULA addresses. In total this means we have at least four IPv6 addresses being advertised when there is upstream IPv6 connectivity. Probably even six addresses.



I didnt realize you would need to RA advertise LLA and ULA or GUA if available.
As you probably noticed, I have very limited IPv6 experience :wink:
Plus I would have never been able to do the C++ coding.
I did some at school a very long time ago and after that, some simple coding also a long time ago.

A spare Raspi 2 recently became available.
I think I'll drop v6 on it to check it out.

But I still dont understand why the now three brands that we know of (OnePlus, OPPO & Realme) apply this, in my oppinion, wrong DNS implementation.

Thanks for the (very) quick response and hope that those with troubled devices will appreciate!

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