Ads still show and requests to

Your debug log shows that your Pi-Hole is working correctly. In particular, the debug log contains this section where name resolution is checked three different ways. From your debug log:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Name resolution (IPv4) using a random blocked domain and a known ad-serving domain
[✓] is via localhost (
[✓] is via Pi-hole (
[✓] is via a remote, public DNS server (

This section of your pihole-FTL log (in your debug log) shows that the Pi-Hole has been receiving and blocking requests:

   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840] Imported 3780 queries from the long-term database
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840]  -> Total DNS queries: 3780
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840]  -> Cached DNS queries: 553
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840]  -> Forwarded DNS queries: 3078
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840]  -> Exactly blocked DNS queries: 149
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.840]  -> Unknown DNS queries: 0
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.841]  -> Unique domains: 352
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.841]  -> Unique clients: 19
   [2018-09-30 01:13:15.841]  -> Known forward destinations: 2

So, if the Pi-Hole is working but your clients are seeing ads, either the router or the client is not set up properly to send all DNS requests to Pi-Hole and nothing else. This FAQ may be of assistance in checking your network. Note that clients tend to hang onto DNS settings, so you will need to clear the DNS cache on the clients after you make changes in the router or client.