Additional NTP Server UI Option for DHCP Settings

The DHCP Settings page of the web GUI provides the ability to input the 'Router (gateway) IP address' to be used in a dhcp-option=3 (or dhcp-option=option:router) entry that will pass the address of the internet gateway router to dhcp clients.


It would be useful to have a similar mechanism to allow the administrator to provide the 'NTP Server IP address' to be used in a dhcp-option=42 (or dhcp-option=option:ntp-server) entry that would pass along the address(es) of preferred NTP servers to the dhcp clients.

This request may be what was intended by an earlier feature request I found:
NTP Pointer in DHCP Server

Just for info: I closed the other FR as the OP never explained what was really requested. Users who support "dhcp-option=42" in the web interface should vote here.

Pi-hole v6 will give you the ability to add custom dnsmasq config lines via the web interface. You can easily add additional DHCP server configurations there.
Screenshot at 2024-07-06 07-16-32

Pi-hole v6 will also include its own NTP server