Add Uptime to the Status area of the web interface

As the title says, I think it would be nice if uptime was included in the status area of the web interface.

Two questions:

  1. How should that look like (there is virtually no space left anywhere)
  2. For what do you need it?

Expanding on my second question:
On my Raspberry at home it would just say something like 60 days. How would I benefit knowing that?
In contrast, I can trivially see how I can benefit from seeing memory utilization and load, because those two numbers can also limit the performance of my Pi-hole (high load or low available memory lead to lags and crashes).


Some features like memory utilization border on being out of scope, and uptime is more suited to be shown with something like RPI-Monitor.

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Both of your points are very good.

I, as you can imagine, don't have any real argument for showing the uptime. It is more of a, hey that would be neat.

Thank you for taking the time to read and then thoroughly reply to my request.

Would be great to also see the system uptime on the upper left corner of the web interface where the loads and temps are located!

There was already an existing feature request for this, so I merged your's with the original.

There are still zero votes for this Feature Request!

We will implement it whether we like it or not if just enough of our users like to see it, add our project is heavily community driven.

Fire the beginning, I could imagine it becoming a hover text hidden behind e.g. the load text.

I agree. If enough people vote it up, it can influence the direction of the project. Just take a look at all the feature requests we have already implemented, and the ones that currently have the most votes.

A simple useful addition to show when Pi-hole lost power or rebooted.
This feature has my vote!

I'm not sure I follow your point. The highest voted feature request from "the feature requests we have already implemented" has 8 votes. In your posts with the "most votes", there are 10 with more than 8 votes and only 3 have been implemented. Doesn't that paint a picture that the highest voted features aren't necessarily the features that get implemented?

In some respects, you're correct, but the current nature of our project is that we are all volunteers and the codebase is driven by several factors, not just the feature requests:

  1. feature requests
  2. pull requests
  3. code pushed by the Pi-hole developers

For number one: we try our best to implement the features you--the community--want, but some requests are out-of-scope, not possible,
or difficult to implement.

Concerning number two: our project is, and always has been community-driven by having the code open source. If a developer submits a pull request with working code and we can just click the merge button, that's one way new features get implemented--even if there isn't a corresponding feature request here.

Three: as I mentioned, we are all volunteers, and Pi-hole has grown considerably since it began, so the ratio of requests to developers continues to grow, while our time to devote to the project is often a commodity.

Certain feature requests may require very little coding but may have merely one or two votes.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

TL;DR is that we try to implement the highest rated feature requests, but the feature requests alone are not the only factor that drives the project forward.


There is some space for another line. Instead of using the full phrase Memory Usage, may be just call it Memory and then put both Memory and Temp on one line. Uptime (or any other statistic) can then be showed on the first line.

BTW, I am personally not sure of the value of uptime statistic.

Another vote! I'd love to see this added, makes you easier to monitor the reboots of the system running pi-hole.

I think what people are truely looking for with this thread, is for a tool that already exists, and can run alongside Pi-hole.

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Thank you though for the suggestion, but that (RPi-Monitor Overview) is not what I want.
To have a simple small uptime value entry to the Pi-hole UI would be excellent!

The issue we currently see is that Pi-hole is not meant to be a systems monitor. The web interface is meant for managing the ad blocking functionality of the Pi-hole and viewing its stats.

concept image - uptime is a good stat to have viewable (can show if there were any power issues that caused pi-hole to go down)


I don't think that the purpose of having the uptime shown is to monitor the system itself (as in, replacing htop), but to be aware of anything that could make the pihole reboot itself, which would indicate something isn't working right.