Add Uptime to the Status area of the web interface


Let no one say we don’t listen to our users :wink:

However, this is very much on the edge of feature creep, so I’m also happy when the PR gets closed without merging this functionality if we conclude that it is too out-of-scope for our project. Nevertheless, the now available code may give us a better basis for further discussions.


Thank you. If you guys really feel this is out of scope (although we already have the temperature, the load and the memory usage), I’ll keep changing the .php and .css manually when needed! Really a great addition!


Thank you for the discussion.


Memory usage and load are included as they are good metrics for people running on things like the Pi Zero. We are really light on resources but having those two are indicators of a runaway process or getting hammered by a misconfigured install. The temperature really isn’t that useful and the argument can be made that it shouldn’t be there. The uptime doesn’t really fit in providing the users in general information that is going to help with the DNS features. We are working on some things to let users modify the web portion of the package to customize their individual installs but that is a work in progress. We’ll keep people updated when we open up the repository for public view.


Good point - I actually always felt we should remove this one :wink:


How about compile-time options for features? It works for the kernel, etc. Autoconf, etc. supports “–with-my-favorite-feature” flags. Supporting a “large” and a “small” distribution would make it easy for people with no time to configure every option.


The code is all bash shell for the installer, we welcome community Pull Requests with new features if you would like to write up the framework for customized installations. Just clone and we can help you out if you have questions getting started.


I have a backlog of other work but I’ll take a look at this in time. Thanks.

I have to work on this as #1 because it locks up my computer while I’m doing other work.