Ability to easily ad picture in place of blocked add


It would be great to be able to add a custom picture to show in place of the blocked ad. It would be great to do this from the web interface.


Even without the web interface I would still like this feature to be re-enabled… it worked at one time but seems to not function anymore.


Feel free to try customizing the /var/www/html/pihole/ folder index.html and index.js files. Simple ads should get caught by index.html but lots of advanced ad networks serve through javascript (index.js) and you may not have as much success with index.js globally working for all sites. At least that’s my assessment with my limited knowledge of front-end web.

Hey, my custom image is showing up

Works as per @diginc’s suggestion. Note that you will have to change index.php instead of index.html after updating to a recent version of Pi-hole.