Replacement of Ads with own content


For small business use, i.e. retail or clubs with site WIFI, the replacement of ads with internal information, ads, or news, warning or other messages would be useful. I would have thought this would be easy to do? Is this a task for extended Pihole functions or better to use other tools for DNS redirection and replacement. Something more advanced that Diginc was suggesting in Oct. 2016. In the retail side useful local information weather and traffic could be valued. It would be really useful to link into Eddystone beacons too. But that would really create a useful tool for low end retail.


It would be easiest to use a proxy such as privoxy as it would be more reliable and advanced in that area, since Pi-hole can not replace the content of https ads (only block them).


Assuming there is a way to run pihole and privoxy/squid together, how would you get the proxy server to work network wide?

Also, does running network traffic through a proxy server slow down web browsing in ways that dns doesn’t?


I haven’t set up privoxy before, so that would be better asked elsewhere. Running traffic through a proxy has a good chance of slowing your network, depending on how fast the proxy is. DNS would not allow down your network.


That’s what I figured, dns just filters content, but a proxy server would “process” all content, which would definately not work well with a raspberry pi.


Somebody replaced ads with art back in 2007 for the ABP extension, which I think is still around.