Ability to change the GUI port

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Is it possible to implement a form that give the Pihole admin to change the GUI port?
Indeed, in the case of an application must use the port 80 (for example a reverse proxy), it will conflict with the Pihole GUI port.

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Is this a request for an option to expose an "easy" way to change the port or are you seeking help how to change the port.

For the latter have a look here:

This is indeed a request to "easy" change the port from the GUI (like we can find in OPNsense)
As far as I have found, this is possible to change the port by modifying some files in CLI but after a Pihole update, the default port will revert to 80 :frowning:

You can do this with modifying the lighttpd config file. I don't think it is reset on updates but this should be answered by a developer.

It should not, see here

But if you try it and it does change the port back to 80, please file a bug report as this might be a regression.

Thanks for the advice, I will modify the port and report back if it will be revert after an update.

Just for your info:

The lighttpd config file IS pulled "fresh" from github and no prior (local) changes to it are saved/restored, during an update/repair.

The PR specified above, pertains only to the Web interface (and its ability to handle different ports).

The installer/updater does not check for any custom ports. It pulls a pre-configured file on port 80 and overwrites the existing one.


Pi-hole v6 will allow to change the GUI port from the web interface itself.

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