Can't reach subdirectories on localhost:80

Expected Behaviour:

I was using my rpi as a FlightRadar24 feeder and i can see the aircrafts
by typing ip-address-of-rpi/dump1090/gmap.html at url bar. I decided to install pi-hole.
I installed it successfully. After installing i expected to reach that url as before.

Actual Behaviour:

Now, when i try to connect ip-address-of-rpi/dump1090/gmap.html,
i see this:


What i need to do to reach that site successfully as before?

Not sure what FlightRadar24 is running as it's web server but most likely, lighttpd, a requirement of Pi-hole, took over and replaced that.

Which is weird, because it should have failed at starting the service, since there should have been something there, serving the FlightRadar24 data, on port 80.

Do you know what webserver the FlightRadar24 is based on ?


Upon further analysis, it looks like the FlightRadar24 runs a custom app (which I assume is part web server) called fr24feed.

I have no idea how that is configured or even if it allows you to define the web port.

You best bet now is to move Pi-hole's lighttpd port from the standard 80 to something else, say 8080.

Edit your /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file and change server.port = 80 to server.port = 8080 or to whatever value you want within the standard port range (make sure the port IS available).

Then, you can run this:
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd.service


sudo systemctl restart fr24feed

That should fix it.

You Pi-hole would be available at

Or, once the lighttpd changes have been made, reboot your raspberry pi.

One thing to keep in mind, any Pi-hole updates, will overwrite the lighttpd.conf file and you will have to do this again.

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I changed the port i can access pi-hole at ip-address-of-rpi:8080/admin but i can't access to this url ip-address-of-rpi/dump1090/gmap.html. I think there is a problem about dump1090 i'll try to reinstall it.

Thank you for quickly answered my questions.

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