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Hey all. If you've seen my previous post, then you know I'm deploying almost 60 PiHoles to 60 facilities across several states. I currently only have 3 deployed while we test the environment. Today I needed to whitelist a URL, and thought of the pain this would've caused if I needed to whitelist the same URL 60 times. Can you allow us to retrieve whitelists the same way we do blacklists? I'd love to have my own master whitelist on github that would help control all 60 PiHoles.

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Like this?

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I have a script that combines blacklists into one, and then removed all the domains from a whitelist file from the blacklist file. It then uploads to GitHub.

I don't whitelist anything directly on my Pi-Hole, but maintain my 'whitelist' that way.

You could do something similar.

Won't that only work if I don't use any external lists? Otherwise they'll combine with that parsed list and include the whitelisted entries.

I wasn't saying my parser, but something similar to it. If you want (when I have time), I can write something similar to try and fit your needs.

That's extremely kind of you. However, I'd prefer a baked-in solution. Are you able to submit code to the github?

In regards to something baked in,,, Feature Requests are looked at according to the most voted. Feel free to vote up my thread.

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as the request the same.

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