Youtube blocklist

Hi guys,

I will be a new Pi-hole user in a few days and I have read through multiple threads about blocking ads on Youtube and that it is and has been a time consuming project for some of you. I am not sure if there has been any recent updates here but I came across this site,the%20provider%20on%20DNS%20level.

There is a URL to put in blocklist and someone claiming very recently that it is working. Is there someone here who has tested it? Maybe there are other/better ways?



This list (or any other list) won't reliably block YouTube ads, and will likely ending up breaking YouTube. I would skip it completely. If you want to not see YouTube ads, you have other options that will work reliably:

(1) Subscribe to YouTube Premium
(2) Use a browser and uBlock Origin ad blocker installed on that browser
(3) On Android, use YouTube Vanced
(4) Don't use YouTube.