Youtube 10-Second Black Screen

I've also been having the same issue on Chrome. As a temporary fix, I'm using uBlock Origin to block out Youtube ads in their entity.

i ve had this issue once too. not sure what it could be.

Can you please try blacklisting these domains and see if it helps? Wait a while though as YouTube has been known to cache some ads.

I think you missed the URL from that hyperlink. I am also having the same issue.

the "hyperlink" is not referred

I think this was supposed to be the linked page: How do I block ads on YouTube?

I've seen that page, and I've tried the white/blacklist recommendations, but the delay is still there.

What platform and browser are you using?

I'm using Chrome on Windows 10.

I just noticed that the delay only happens when there's an ad that's supposed to play at the beginning of a video.

I am still having a problem after adding those additional addresses to my blacklist.

Likewise here --- it doesn't seem that this blacklist blocks even 50% of Youtube ads.

Just out of curiosity, @Decompiled and @aspecialvisit, what upstream DNS providers are you using?

Google --- and --- are you using something different?

Using the YouTube blacklist domains and OpenDNS as my upstream, I rarely, if ever see a YouTube ad. I'm just looking for clues outside of Pi-hole since some people seem to block them but others don't.

I'll try using OpenDNS and report back. Agreed that this is confusing, since it's clear that some people are having no trouble blocking youtube ads.

OK. And please be sure to wait a while before reporting the findings as there may be cached ads along the way (on Pi-hole, on your browser, via your OS, and/or via your upstream DNS).

It might be a bit too soon to celebrate, but; I'm not seeing ads any longer. Unfortunately, I didn't troubleshoot correctly --- I made two changes at the same time.

  1. Changed pihole to OpenDNS
  2. Cleared 100% of my browser cache

I have a couple other PCs in the house whose browser caches have not been cleared, so I'll see what sorts of results I get on them. In the meantime, Youtube ads do seem to be blocked. I'll report back about the browser cache on other devices, as well.

Interesting. Let's see @Decompiled can also get it to work by switching to OpenDNS.

A small update --- I'm definitely seeing fewer ads, but some youtube ads have started to creep in. It's possible that seeing none had more to do with a clear cache than switching to OpenDNS.