Youtube 10-Second Black Screen

Likewise here --- it doesn't seem that this blacklist blocks even 50% of Youtube ads.

Just out of curiosity, @Decompiled and @aspecialvisit, what upstream DNS providers are you using?

Google --- and --- are you using something different?

Using the YouTube blacklist domains and OpenDNS as my upstream, I rarely, if ever see a YouTube ad. I'm just looking for clues outside of Pi-hole since some people seem to block them but others don't.

I'll try using OpenDNS and report back. Agreed that this is confusing, since it's clear that some people are having no trouble blocking youtube ads.

OK. And please be sure to wait a while before reporting the findings as there may be cached ads along the way (on Pi-hole, on your browser, via your OS, and/or via your upstream DNS).

It might be a bit too soon to celebrate, but; I'm not seeing ads any longer. Unfortunately, I didn't troubleshoot correctly --- I made two changes at the same time.

  1. Changed pihole to OpenDNS
  2. Cleared 100% of my browser cache

I have a couple other PCs in the house whose browser caches have not been cleared, so I'll see what sorts of results I get on them. In the meantime, Youtube ads do seem to be blocked. I'll report back about the browser cache on other devices, as well.

Interesting. Let's see @Decompiled can also get it to work by switching to OpenDNS.

A small update --- I'm definitely seeing fewer ads, but some youtube ads have started to creep in. It's possible that seeing none had more to do with a clear cache than switching to OpenDNS.

I too had Google upstream as my DNS and changing this to OpenDNS and running 'pihole restardns' has had an immediate effect. I now nolonger get the black screen before many youtube videos play. I think this raises some questions about Google DNS, but I am happy that it is fixed. Thank @jacob.salmela and @anders for asking the original question.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. I am still getting the same or at least a similar issue on some videos. How can I start debugging this?

Have you also blacklisted the domains mentioned previously?

But it's not all that surprising that Google doesn't block their own ad-serving domains and cut off a source of revenue. :slight_smile:

If OpenDNS can truly aid in blocking YouTube ads, then they know more about the domains that we do.

I think the list of domains we have going is a good start--just need to figure out the rest.

How were these determined in the first place? It seems like something the community could help perform.

Determined via trial and error. Basically we use a helper like a Chrome plugin (Whitelist assistant from DNSThingy is one of them.) We visit the site in question and try to find the correct sites the whitelist in order to get functionality.

Sites like YouTube are constantly on the move with thousands of programmers to thwart any adblockers, and we're just a team of volunteers on spare time trying to be the David to their Goliath. Community help would be awesome and we have a section for community submissions to blocklists. (Commonly Whitelisted Domains)

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Not sure if this helps a little.
The delays in some sites (youtube) is your browser resolving the adv embedded https footage.
As those sites are now actualy your pihole serving http, but not https, so they time out. That is your delay.
You could try to install a self signed certificate and run https, but my in my experiance your browser will then start compaing about incorrect cerificates. Making it worse:(

There is solutions I am using, but those involve Privoxy, a windows server 2012 iis and NX filter.
combined with pihole as the upstream dns for nxfilter.

The blackscreen is fixed by using Ublock not sure if this helps but wanted to let everyone know. Also is there anyway to find what is is doing and blacklist it?

Yeah, we have found pairing Pi-hole with browser extensions or some other software works quite well.

hi everyone, my first post on the comm!
I have been checking my router logs for the time i purposely clicking on the adds from youtube app on my tablet (my little daughter's) - and then copying those ads.websiete.sales to blacklist them. along with all amazing solutions recommended here -It's has been working fantastically - so far so good -

As DanSchaper rightfully mentions, Youtube "Thwarters" work around the clock

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Can we use combination of privoxy with squid for https on pi-hole. Because youtube served with https, its needs to be decrypt and check the patterns of ads and encrypt back send to the browser. This might need to install certificate on almost all devices including mobile, pc

Any suggestions?? I am not super technical.

Regarding YouTube ads blocklist, I and @deathbybandaid made a list, we've received mixed feedback from several users, you can test it with your Pi-hole. But I cannot guarantee you that it will work, just give it a try.

However it's still unknown that how the ads are delivered or which domains are used to serve ads.