Your debug token is: Use netcat

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Expected Behaviour:

Your debug token is: some token.

Actual Behaviour:

Your debug token is: Use netcat.

Debug Token:

Your debug token is: Use netcat.

Sorry if this is a stupid question or something... but when I try to upload a debug log instead of give me a token it just says "use netcat". Is something wrong in my config / setup or is this the expected behavior?

Sorry again if this is something stupid or not the correct place.

Definitely not a stupid question, and in the right place! Can you get the output from nc, there's a few different netcat types out there, BSD, GNU, and others. Some will be nice and allow you to call nc, while others, like yours, throw the error to use netcat instead. We might have to do some work on the debugger to find a work around for this problem, but for now you can see the debug log in the /var/log directory, and if you need to get it to us, try cating the file using the alternative directions at How do I debug my Pi-hole installation?

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Thanks a lot for your answer!!! I'd already thought that something was wrong with my install of Pi-Hole.

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