Won’t block any ads in my iPhone X


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Don’t know why pihole doesn’t block any ads

Debug Token:



It looks like you have queries flowing through Pi-hole so that would lead me to believe you just need to make sure your iPhone is connecting to the Pi-hole for DNS. How are you doing this?


I think my devices are properly set-up

I have an Asus 88u eith latest Merlin firmware. In WAN configurarion, the only DNS is my pihole local ip:

For noone in my LAN change their DNS servers in their devices, I have activated AiProtection / DNS filtering. Custom -> local IP of my pihole

My router is not my DHCP server. My Synology NAS is, and I have it configured with my PiHole local IP:

So I don’t know where the missconfigurarion might be.


I got it working after disable Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel in my router and disable IPv6 in the raspberry pi, although I guess I won’t be able to resolve IPv6 queries, isn’t it?


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