WIreless Devices cannot use the Pi-Hole

You dont have to configure upstream (WAN) DNS for the router to the Pi-hole address.
Preferred is to have the DHCP service on the router to push the Pi-hole IP address as the only DNS server to the clients:

How have you determined this ?

Pads and phones are a bit hard to diagnose because lacking tools.
Are you able to connect a PC/laptop to WiFi and recreate the symptoms ?
With Linux/Windows/MacOS, you can test DNS resolution with the nslookup tool:

nslookup pi.hole <PIHOLE_IP_ADDRESS>

Linux & MacOS clients will display DNS nameserver(s) configured with below one:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

For Windows clients, use below one to see configured DNS server(s) and more:

ipconfig /all