Windows 11 Gaming Laptop not adblocking

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Expected Behaviour:

I wanted my windows 11 gaming computer to block ads and reduce tracking and that's it:
-Windows 11

Actual Behaviour:

I look at the DNS queries there is very minimal queries that are just resolved by cloudflare. That being Bitdefender

Debug Token:

Your router is giving out the DNS servers provided by your ISP. You will need to tweak the DHCP settings in your router so that it is giving out your Pi-hole address as the only DNS server, instead of the two DNS servers in there at the moment.

Once that is done you can disconnect and reconnect your Windows 11 computer, and other devices, from the wifi network and they will pick up the changes and start using your Pi-hole.

You can test that your computer is using Pi-hole by running the command below from your Windows 11 computer, and it should show that Pi-hole is the DNS server and that the domain is blocked as (it is a known ad domain that is on the default list provided in Pi-hole).


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