Will the swag store re-open? The page is still there but empty

My poor Pihole coffee mug, pictured behind the sticker in this image

got snagged by someone in my office sometime during the lockdown.

I went to the swag store to order a replacement, and got a colorful page devoid of products.

Was the store moved? I searched the forums to determine it's fate, but I haven't found any relevant information. I'd love to get some swag, especially that coffee cup. Hopefully someone on these forums can point me to a source.

The most current post I could find was this..


The store was closed due to the fact that it actually cost us more to have it open than it brought in.

We'd like to have something open in the future but the time and resources needed to run a store is more than we have available right now.

I see the fees are a burden for volunteer-driven open source projects like yours. I have seen you are using Patreon and Paypal and know from own experience that they are subtracting massive fees as well (up to 30% if I recall that number correctly, it was quite extreme). This is hidden from the buyer/supporter.

So a mug that would cost $10 would need to be sold at $13 to even go down to 0/0 difference. This is crazy.

@dschaper Could we maybe get a page somewhere where the artwork used back then is downloadable? Maybe with some kind of access limitation to avoid third-party swagstores to show up and try to benefit?

Saying this (access-limiting) because I've seen "official Pi-hole kits" some time ago which were then again being shut down, I suspect they were trying to make money from the work you make available for free. That is an astonishing amount of unfairness.

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Yes, we do pay a lot of fees. There's processing fees, currency conversion fees, payment fees. And the shop adds VAT/Taxes, shipping, production, time to run it...

Putting up the artwork sounds easy in concept but the levels that thieves and scammers will sink to is amazing when there is a money involved. And yes, we've had former partners flat out tell us they will continue to use us to make money and not pay us anything and there's nothing we can do or say to stop them.

ok.I hope whomever nabbed my coffee mug was at least motivated by it to install pihole and donate to the project.

RIP pihole coffee mug.

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