Will Pi-Hole slow down my speeds

I get download speeds of 350 - 400mB. Will Pi-Hole reduce these speeds on a Pi 3B+?

Pi-hole handles DNS, not your whole web traffic.
So the answer is No, Pi-hole speeds up performance as it blocks unneeded traffic!

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Pi-Hole only sees the DNS requests, not the actual traffic that goes between your client and the requested domain. Since DNS traffic is very low bandwidth (a few hundred bytes per request), a 3B+ will be able to handle them easily, on either the wired or wireless interface.

Once the client has received the IP for the requested domain, all of that traffic flows between the client and your router to the internet, and none of it goes through the Pi-Hole/Pi. This is why Pi-Hole works well for many users on a Zero W running wirelessly on 2.4 GHz.

As a previous reply noted, this typically makes your internet experience faster, as less content is being loaded with some of the domains being blocked. However, at your speed you will likely not notice the difference. You will notice that browser pages will load more quickly, because the browser has to process and format less information with the ads stripped out.

Both, thanks for the reply. Thought that would be the case, but just wanted to confirm before I bought the Pi 3 B+. Tried with my very old 1st addition Pi but it won’t run Raspbian very well at all.

Just as another thought. Do I have to connect the Pi to the router direct? Or can I connect it via my main switch which is next to the router? I have a POE switch and I can fit the POE Hat to the Pi, rather than have another PSU plugged in, it will make for a neater installation.
Sorry I’m a complete newbie with the Pi’s; I got a Pi 1 B when they first came out for the kids to play with, but they soon lost interest when they found it wouldn’t play “real” games.

Sure, the switch will be fine. You just need to have an IP address for the Pi-hole / Pi 1B and then give the clients that IP as their DNS Server address.

DanSchaper, I was pretty sure again that would be the case, but always best to make sure before spending the hard earned ££££’s.

Many thanks for your very prompt replys.


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this is the specific answer I was looking for.

Good thing I was able to search for this. Thanks

Nope, as previous users mentioned, Pihole only handles DNS requests, not the traffic so you are fine. I've just replaced my Pi 3 with the Pi1 rev. B that was lying around doing nothing, that has only 512MB onboard and it runs just fine with 24.6% memory usage. Web interface looks OK, pretty much the same as Pi3.