Will FTLDNS kill my SD card?

No need for the log file
Many of you have been complaining that the heavy log writing may lead to SD card wearing-out. With FTLDNS, the log file is not needed any longer and hence this heavy disk writing is a thing of the past. However, note that during the beta phase, extensive logging actually stays enabled to ease possible debugging.

Well my sd card died in less than 5 months of use.

Although I'm running Pi-hole since almost five years on the same noname 4GB SD card, I have never had this issue. However, I have heard similar issues from many people here. With FTLDNS you can truly disable logging altogether without loosing any statistics. We only leave it enable to ease debugging endeavors during the beta phase (you can still disable it). So far, it seems like FTLDNS is very solid and we haven't needed this so far.

Instead of heavy and extremely often writing small chunks to the SD card (log file), FTL gathers queries and writes them in one batch once per minute to a very efficient (in terms of required disk space) database file. You can even increase the interval to 5, 10, 30, or whatever minutes if you feel more comfortable, but be aware that this obviously increases the danger of loosing query history in the event of power losses, etc.

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Actually I don't know how to disable the logging. Any hint for me?
Also how can the interval be changed?

Thanks a lot!