Wildcard block not working since reinstall

I'm trying to block ads from a local online tv-website, it worked on my pi-hole just two days ago (and have been working since july) but then my pi-hole stopped working and I did a clean reinstall today. Now it won't block the ads even though I have done exactly the same thing as before.
Is there a way see where the ads are coming from? I am not very experienced doing stuff like this but I will try to provide what I can to get helped.

What I did was add the website as a wildcard to blacklist.

Expected Behaviour:

Wildcard block should stop ads from the website.

Actual Behaviour:

Ads are not blocked.

Also my lighttpd stopped working since reinstalling, is that something I should see to?

Can you create a debug log please and post the URL here.

pihole -d -c -a

or Tools > Generate debug log > tick both boxes > click blue button, stay on page and copy URL it gives

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Now I get this error, which I have had from this website before when using adblock/Ublock but I got the error trying it from Microsoft Edge.

tv4play.se, it's safe - it's a swedish TV channel.

"Are you using an ad blocker?
To access our content, you need to deactivate your ad blocker and reload the page."

I can provide a debug token as well but is there a workaround for this?

Update: it seem to be blocking the ads from my AppleTV using their application (which is what I want because I only watch it on my TV). I am confused but as of now it just randomly seem to be working...

If Pi-hole is blocking domains related to TV4 Play, and that is causing this message, then you either accept the message or else you whitelist the blocked domains and let TV4 Play show you adverts, or you use a mechanism in TV4 Play to stop them, such as a paid subscription, if such exists.

Is there no way around this? I thought the idea was to let the pi-hole swallow the ad in some way. What I mean by that is allow the ad to come through but send it to a black hole and just let the actual video “through”. Oh well, in my appleTV it seem to be ad free as of now.

Pi-hole can block ad-serving domains by making them unresolvable. It is entirely up to the service, which was running the ad, how it responds to that situation.

In many cases the result is that ads simply don't show in a space where they otherwise would have done. In other cases the service will actively detect that ads are not being shown and make some intervention such as a pop-up notice.

In other cases still, ads are served from the same domains as the desired content, making them impossible to block at the domain level which is where Pi-hole operates. This last kind are better dealt with at the application level where ads can more easily be separated from content. An example of this might be a browser add-on such as uBlock Origin. Devices such as Apple TV are out of luck here since users do not any control at that level.

You can see if Pi-hole is blocking domains by reviewing the Query Log and filtering it by the device in question (scroll down on that screen and read the Filtering options notes).

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