Wildcard blacklists should support * for .com .net etc


Since the revelations this week I’ve decided to add all facebook domains and sub-domains to my blacklist. Unfortunately pi-hole doesn’t support * in its wildcard feature, so instead of being able to just write facebook.* , fbcdn.* etc, to cover all kinds of facebook.com / facebook.fr / facebook.whatever domanins, I have to write them all in manually (there are quite a lot).

Please could you add this capability to the wildcard feature in blacklists? Would be a great help


We would like to add it, but there is no feasible way to do so at the moment.


I found this:
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmdugan/blocklists/master/corporations/facebook/all ,
a ‘huge’ list of domains of facebook, create blacklist-facebook.txt with this list, put it in your admin directory of the pihole and ad the list in pihole, update and you go :slight_smile:
THe only thing i don’t know is, is the list up to date or not.


from the same:

it seems that the list is 1 day old :wink:


Thanks for that list. Looks extremely comprehensive :slight_smile:


@gecko Also have a look at our brand new feature, regex blocking:

A suitable regex might be:


Note that this will block everything that has facebook in its domain - regardless where:


Also, check out this twitter post:


Another option would be to use dnscrypt-proxy V2, and use the filtering options, you can read about it here. A discussion to install dnscrypt-proxy V2 can be found here.

The disadvantage of course is the use of 2 services, to achieve the desired result.