Whitelist / Blacklist Hosts (My computers on my network)


The idea is a simple whitelist/blacklist for host devices on your network, ideally we don’t want to whitelist any hosts, but what if you are running a Plex server which shows trailers from movies (legit not an advert and can be disabled in Plex) or you have a development box that you don’t want to have anything blocked.

Could be this is a development web server or maybe a production web server.

We might even want to blacklist a server to keep it from making any web connections as we use it internally on the network and not to connect externally.

Not sure if this is in scope or not but it would be good to be able to disable all our block lists on certain hosts or even blacklist them completely.


Out of scope. You can simply change the DNS settings on the device to an external server like Google’s to have it bypass Pi-hole. If you wanted to block a device from making DNS requests, they can just use a different DNS server.