Whitelist and Blacklist

Sorry but I have to say that you have to separate whitelist and blacklist again. This tab Domain is completely confusing for me.


I just got so frustrated because I couldn't find the whitelist gui page anymore - why did this change? This feels like it was designed by an engineer and not an end user - I would have never found the whitelist if I didn't come to these forums to search on why it disappeared. Please put it back and make this user friendly.....


White list and Blacklist is Not an option as a single thing for me its just too BIG. we need a way to have 2 list like we did have. Please Bring back Whitelist and BlackList ASAP. This is sooo bad.

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If the change was made based on the potential negative connotations of "Whitelist" and "Blacklist", then you could use "Allow List" and "Block List" but please bring this back.

Agree on this:
Please bring back Allow/Whitelist and Block/Blacklist menus. Please!

If you actually bothered to read the update announcements this would not have been a surprise to you:



The old Whitelist, Blacklist and Domains pages were actually the same.

  • Whitelist was groups-domains.php?type=white;
  • Blacklist was groups-domains.php?type=black;
  • Domains was (and still is) groups-domains.php.

Currently "Domains" works exactly like it worked before.

Those pages won't come back, but we created a filter (already in development) to easily isolate domains by type:

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