Whitelist 2.0! A major update

Hello everyone! I'm the the maintainer of https://github.com/anudeepND/whitelist. I just updated the script to utilize the Pi-hole's gravity database.

All of the 188 domains in the whitelist is having the comment that provides useful info on why it needs to be whitelisted.

If you are using Pi-hole 5.0 or later, the comment field has a unique string - qjz9zk to uniquely identify the domains added by this script so the user can remove the domains without affecting other whitelisted sites.

You can remove the domains that are added by my script by simply executing the uninstall script. As mentioned earlier, the unique string ( qjz9zk ) will come in handy while removing the domains from the database. It uses LIKE operator of the SQLite to match the wildcard string present in the comment section.

DELETE * FROM domainlist WHERE type = 0 AND comment LIKE '%qjz9zk%' This statement will remove the domain only if it is present in the exact whitelist section and having the string qjz9zk . Domains in the regex list will not be removed by this script.

The older version of the Pi-hole uses a simple text file to store the entries. In this case the script will match the domains present in your Pi-hole to the domains present in the GitHub repo and removes them accordingly.

Thanks to everyone at the Pi-hole community for supporting the project :slight_smile: