White list sites still being blocked

So I am adding white list sites on the web admin, which I would expect to work.

When I go to these sites they are being blocked after whitelisting them, and if I turn off pi-hole I then can see them. Also, I am running on ubuntu on raspberry pi 4.


have you tried resetting the dns resolver in settings after adding things to the whitelist? i had a similar problem today

From your debug log, it appears that some of the domains you were trying to add are not domains, they are URL’s.

   2019-10-09 19:09:33: https://eki.trafficsan.com/ is not a valid domain
   2019-10-09 19:09:37: https://eki.trafficsan.com is not a valid domain
   2019-10-09 19:09:38: https://eki.trafficsan.com is not a valid domain
   2019-10-09 19:10:28: https://eki.trafficsan.com/server/ is not a valid domain
   2019-10-09 19:11:15: https://eki.trafficsan.com is not a valid domain
   2019-10-09 19:12:53: eki.trafficsan.com^ is not a valid domain
   2019-10-11 23:47:26: https://www.xnxx.com/ is not a valid domain

In the URL https://eki.trafficsan.com/server/, the protocol is https, the domain is eki.trafficsan.com, and the rest is the path on the domain. You can only block the domain with Pi-Hole (or some variations of the domain if you use regex).

In this case, you would add eki.trafficsan.com to the whitelist.

Well yes that is true, which I realized. That still does not answer what is happening to the urls that are actually on the white list. now note the best one I can point is a *cough* adult *cough* site xnxx,com, which is on the white list, and clearly doesn’t load. I think it might be on a block list also, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

This solved it for me, whatever is going on here is what is wrong. After resetting the dns resolver everything worked. I hope this gets fixed in future builds.

Do you have examples from /var/log/pihole.log where a domain that was on the whitelist was blocked? Note that none of your whitelist entries begin with www, so if you load a site starting with www it won’t be whitelisted.

The domain xnxx.com is not the same domain as www.xnxx.com , and when you type xnxx.com into a browser the site that actually loads is www.xnxx.com

dig both domains and see if only one is blocked by Pi-Hole.

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