Where is the API?


Hi Mcat,

I’ve found references to this new backend API/ RESTful service that’s supposed to be decoupled from the AdminLTE web UI in your MVP of the new React frontend, as well as multiple references to the rewrite of the API in Discourse topics dating as far back as over a year ago, such as this topic/ reply.

However, I cannot discern whether development of this is API has started yet or not (i.e. you fake the API in the aforementioned MVP), and I’ve scoured the repos in the Pi-hole GitHub organization for references to the endpoints used in it but they don’t exist, and the aforementioned topic mentions the API being written in Python.

Where is this API? Has it even started development? Is it sitting in a private repo somewhere? I’m confused.

Renaming admin/ directory without breaking

Development on the API has started, and it is currently in a private GitHub repo. We hope to make the repo public soon, although we were focusing more on FTLDNS (v4.0) until recently.

We’ve experimented with a few ideas and languages, and we’ve decided that a more gradual improvement instead of a full rewrite is optimal. Therefore, the new web interface and API are being made to easily fit in place alongside the rest of the code (core and FTL).

The API is being written in Rust, and integrates with FTL to expose its data as well as anything else needed by the web interface.


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