Where can i add reserved IPs given out by DHCP?

Hi ,
i just want to be sure where is it to add reserved IP , static IP , fixed IP to a specific device .
sorry but i'm not very familar with english language , and it is not written clearly in the GUI .

Thanks in adavance for help .

It is in Settings > DHCP > Static DHCP leases configuration.

You can type an entry in or you can use the orange button from an existing lease in the section above (Currently active DHCP leases) to copy it to the static section. You can then edit it if you want to.

Once you have typed it in or copied and edited it, save the change with the green [+] button.

Do this for each IP that you want to configure, one at a time.

Adding to that, what @chrislph mentioned assumes you are using Pi-hole as your DHCP Server. If your Router is the DHCP Server, then you will have to figure out what is needed to configure it there.

Hi , and thanks for this .

just , this is not very easy to use , need to enter manually the MAC adress and the IP adress ,
unfortunate .

Reserving an IP address for a DHCP lease requires the MAC address and IP address, so it's got to get in there somehow. Either you can type it in, or, if the client is already on the network and you can see it in the leases section above, you can use the orange button I mentioned to copy the information down to the static section, where you can then use it as is or edit it, eg to change the IP. That saves having to type it all in.

ok , but i don't have any clients in the leases section above .

Thanks for all this informations .

As nosugref42 pointed out, you need to be using Pi-hole as the DHCP for any of this to work. If you were using Pi-hole as DHCP server then you would expect to see clients in the leases section. If you are using your router then you have to do your address reservations there and not in Pi-hole.