What's the best "Minimalist OS" to install Pi-Hole on?

When I say minimalist, I mean those low-bandwidth text-UI Embedded Operating Systems (mostly Linux) that are only intended to run Servers, or IoT Smart-Home setups, or something similar.
For example, Ubuntu Server.

There's lots of them out there, and I want to know which would any of you recommend.
I want advice from someone who's been using Pi-Hole for a very long time (if that's possible).

But maybe I'm overthinking it...

What hardware are you intending to run Pi-Hole on?

If it's a Raspberry Pi then Pi OS (was Raspbian) is well supported.

On my Raspberry Pi 3b I am using Debian, started with Debian 10 now 11.

I chose DietPi OS (~130MB file) as my OS and then installed Pi_Hole. It's worked great for me the last 3 yrs.


The sensible answer to this is:
The one that best matches your personal preferences. :wink:

People may choose an OS for a variety of reasons, so I cannot offer you any objective advice, beyond that you may want to stick to one of Pi-hole's supported OS versions.

I prefer Debian due to my personal preference and other relevant needs. There are some other supported operating systems too which you can choose.

I use DietPi, has a good setup script for additional software such as Unbound.
However you might like Apline Linux as the most "minimalist" option.

Not supported by Pi-hole.

Yet people install it on Alpine Linux...

Original question did not mention if it was or was not supported by Pi-Hole.

The question asked for the "best" minimalist OS. In my opinion, the best option would be a version of Linux supported by us. Users have installed Pi-hole on a number of unsupported OS's, but this involves workarounds and potential breakage with the next Pi-hole update.

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