What to expect when running dnsleaktest.com on a pihole&unbound setup

I have succeeded in implementing an "interesting" setup with pihole and unbound as an upstream dns resolver. However when I run a quick dnsleaktest.com in my browser I get a weird combination of my IP and carrier as Hostname back. Tbth I do not know what to expect when I run a dnsleaktest on such a setup like this one..Does this seem to be about right or did I mess up configuring unbound?

My expected result is my external IP address with the hostname defined by my ISP.

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Alright then we are on the same page.. I was just wonderin why it would show me my IP adress, but I guess it makes sense, since I do indeed run a local DNS Resolver. Just for fun I ran the Mullvad DNS Check on https://mullvad.net/de/check and sure enough it gives me my own IP adress

To conlcude: it is exactly what to expect: showing me my IP, that is.