What is "lb._dns-sd._udp." in my Permitted Domains dashboard?

My Pi Hole has only been running for about 24 hours or less and there are close to 900,000 hits to this "domain."

I tried searching for this but was unable to find anything exactly like this.


This is a DNS Discovery Service request. Frequently associated with the Apple Bonjour protocol.

If you have conditional forwarding enabled in Pi-hole, this can lead to circular DNS traffic and high query volumes.

Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token here.

I didn't turn that on unless it is usually on.

Here is the debug log you requested.



You do have conditional forwarding enabled:


This is the result - request from the router sent back to the router to resolve.

   Oct 11 00:00:08 dnsmasq[1467]: query[PTR] lb._dns-sd._udp. from
   Oct 11 00:00:08 dnsmasq[1467]: forwarded lb._dns-sd._udp. to

The conditional forwarding setting is in the admin GUI > settings > DNS. Disable this and see if the volume of queries drops.

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