What FTL-DNS blocking mode do you use?



I am reading the different options over here, and I really can’t decide if I want NULL blocking or NXDOMAIN blocking.

What are you guys using and have any personal experiences that might help me decide?


You have likely read this: https://docs.pi-hole.net/ftldns/blockingmode/.

I settled on NULL mode after trying both. It seems to generate fewer repeated requests for the same site. I have had no noticeable lags using NULL.

Note the one disadvantage which mildly annoys other users in my home:

“Blocking page cannot be shown and whitelisting has to be performed from the dashboard or CLI”


Yeah, it annoys me sometimes as well, and straight up confuses some guests. I should probably at least try NXDOMAIN out to see what its like because I have only ever used the default (as the default does work well)


I’m tempted to set up a spare router and have it broadcast a separate guest network that uses Cloudflare as it’s DNS resolver. That way, everybody I put on that network will have hotel internet.

Family would go on the regular network, since they all have Pi-Holes at their homes.